What, why, whatever

This is a letter to myself, covering the what, the why and the whatever…

What is this all about… I have owned ryanholder.com for a fairly long time and on many occasions have thought about (and almost started) using it to write about projects I am working on and generally just airing my opinion on matters that I think matter. Up until now the just thinking has lead to the sum total of “0” people getting to read what I have to say and so by actually putting it out there this number can only get better.

Why have I decided to start now… It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason as it is probably a combination of many, however the tipping point was reading a post by Rich Robinkoff which spoke of the Impostor Syndrome and in this lead me to a video of Chris Lema talking about it at a WordCamp. It was after taking in what I had read and watched that I had that aha moment, a large part of what was holding me back has been my own fear of what others might think and say when I put my thoughts out there.

Whatever… This is my polite way of say fuck you!! (too myself and to the fictional characters I have created who are already judging) Whenever I go to post something and start doubting whether I should or not… Whatever, just do it!!!

So expect more to come and if that notion stirs any negative feelings inside of you… WHATEVER !!!